OFFLINE Line 6 Spider V 240 Guitar Combo Amp

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  • 2 X 12" Speakers & 2 High-Frequency Tweeters Give a Crisp Clarity
  • 240-Watt Combo Amp with Updated Modeling & On-Board Effects
  • Wireless-Ready for Select Line 6 Relay Transmitters & 2 XLR Outputs
  • 128 Crafted Presets Include Iconic Rigs & Classic Artist Tones
  • USB Audio Recording & Playback with Mac, PC, Android & iOS

OFFLINE Line 6 Spider V 240 Guitar Combo Amp


The Line 6 Spider V 240 Guitar Combo Amp is equipped with a full-range speaker system, which consists of two 240 Watt 12" custom-designed guitar speakers and two high-frequency tweeters, delivering a superb clarity that will sound great with electrics, acoustics and music. Equipped with an internal wireless receiver, the Spider V 240 is compatible with the Relay G10T transmitter (sold separately) allowing a wireless performance, and eliminating the need for trailing cables. Choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects and quickly dial-in the perfect tone using simple colour-coded controls. This versatile amp also is packed with over 100 specially designed presets including iconic rigs, artist-built tones and Line 6 originals. Two additional XLR outputs allow you to connect directly to the PA for a clean sound with no interference. The Spider V 240 also offers USB audio recording and playback with Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices, as well as a built-in tuner, metronome and real drummer loops, making it perfect for practicing, jamming and also recording.

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Custom Speaker Delivers Power Projection

Unlike others in the new Spider V series, the Spider V 240 is the bigger brother and has the added power of being equipped with a full-range speaker system, which consists of two 12" custom-designed guitar speaker and also two high-frequency tweeters. This powerful combination will provide you with the perfect volume for any live gig, and recording. Its custom designed speaker means your amp will sound great with electrics, acoustics and music. In addition, this innovative speaker system allows you play your favourite music, as well as practice your guitar, which is ideal for practicing along to music.

Wireless-Ready in Seconds

As with others in this series, this innovative amp is also is equipped with an internal wireless receiver that’s compatible with the Relay G10T transmitter (Sold Separately) making your performances wireless. This wireless transmitter eliminates the need for trailing cables that can cause hazards and effect the sound. The Relay G10 transmitter works with nearly all guitar types that feature a typical 1/4” output jack which is used on most passive and active instruments. Going wireless has never been this streamlined or easy!

Fast & Familiar Controls

The Spider V 240 offers a simple easy-to-use control options with colour coded control. This feature is particularly ideal for dark stages where lighting is poor. Tweak settings and parameters directly on the amp using traditional knobs and the intuitive editing interface.

Vast Tonal Possibilities

The Spider V 240 allows you to choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects including comp, Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Pitch/Syth and Reverb. This great choice of on-board effects eliminates the need for pedals, and therefore makes your set-up time a breeze. In addition, this 120 Watt amp features a XLR direct output, which allows you to connect directly to the PA to get the perfect tone.

Instantly Inspiring Tone

The Spider V 240 is also equipped with a vast variety of artist presets, which were created by many of today’s hottest guitarists, as well as Iconic Rig presets based on incredible setups from legendary songs and albums. In addition, a choice of standard presets will let you achieve classic Line 6 originals, that will sound great in any type of music.

Enhanced presets with Variax® Acoustic Technology

The Spider V doesn’t just sound great with electric guitars, it also features enhanced acoustic presets which are designed with Variax® acoustic technology, bringing out the best tonal qualities of your acoustic guitar. Dialed-in effects like delay and reverb will help you take an average acoustic sound to a higher level. Spider V delivers acoustic tone with depth and clarity that regular electric amps just can’t match, increasing the overall versatile of the amp, and eliminating the need for additional amps.

Built-In Extras

Packed with extra features that will take practicing and performing live to the next level, the Spider V 240 features a built-in tuner that provides speedy and precise tuning. This built-in tuner also eliminates the need for any additional pedals, cables or devices. Simply push the button on the front panel and tune up. This is particularly useful when quickly setting up, or re-tuning during a set. In addition, this combo amp also helps you keep your riffs in time with its on-board metronome and real drummer loops recorded by pro musicians.

USB Connectivity

Another great feature that the Spider V 240 has to offer, is it USB capabilities, which allows you to record your sound with a Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. This recorded performance can then be shared on social media (via phone or computer), or mixed with other tracks in the studio, the possibilities are endless.In addition, the Spider V comes with free Cubase® LE music recording software, giving you everything you need to start recording great guitar tracks, as well as edit and mix your tracks from start to finish.

Durable Construction

As well as delivering a versatile amp, its durable construction features reinforced molded corners, a flexible carry handle and a classic grey grille cloth for the optimum portability.


  • Two 12" custom speakers and two high-frequency tweeters for stunning clarity
  • 240-watt guitar amp with updated modeling and effects
  • Wireless-ready for select Line 6 Relay transmitters
  • Plenty of volume for live gigs and recording
  • Includes built-in tuner, Metronome and drummer loops
  • 200+ amp and FX models accessed via fast and easy controls
  • XLR direct outputs for connecting to PA sound systems
  • Full-range speakers sound great with electrics, acoustics and music
  • 128 crafted presets include iconic rigs & classic artist tones
  • All amp and effects sounds are easily editable via front panel controls
  • USB audio recording and playback with Mac, PC, Android™ and iOS devices
  • Compatible with Line 6 FBV™ 3 and FBV MKII foot controllers (sold separately)
  • 1/4” guitar input, 1/8” headphone output, 1/8” stereo aux input


  • Speaker Size: 2 x 12"
  • Power Output: 240 Watts
  • Product Size: 10.7” L x 26.9” W x 21.7” H
  • Product Weight: 43 lbs
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