DISC Audix D Series Drum Microphone Kit, DP Quad

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  • 4 Premium Mics For Drums and Percussion
  • Least Combination of Mics That Can Capture Sound of a Full Kit
  • Includes DVD on How to Set Up and Position Mics
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Road Case
  • Designed, Assembled and Tested by Audix in the USA

DISC Audix D Series Drum Microphone Kit, DP Quad


The Audix DP-Quad drum microphone kit is great for either stage or studio use. This simple combination of microphones is most effective in capturing the depth and imaging of a full drum kit. The DP-QUAD incorporates two of the best miking techniques: close miking and overhead (ambient) miking.

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The i5 dynamic snare microphone has a cardioid polar pattern that focuses it on the instrument in question while isolating it from the others on the stage. It has a smooth and uniform frequency response of 50Hz - 16kHz and can handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140dB.

The D6 dynamic kick drum microphone has a frequency response of 30Hz - 15kHz and a cardioid pickup pattern. It is easy to position and doesn't rely on finding the drum's 'sweet spot'. The microphone features the same legendary VLM technology that has made the D Series microphones so popular for stage and studio.

The ADX51 pre-polarised condenser microphones are characterized with extended highs, excellent imaging and high SPL capabilities, making them perfect for cymbals and hi-hats. They also feature a -10dB pad and bass roll-off filter, making them useful for a wide variety of applications.


  • All-in-one solution for miking drums
  • Instrument-specific mics for optimal results
  • Rugged Audix quality
  • Great for stage and studio
  • Road case


  • 1 x i5 snare mic
  • 1 x D6 kick mic
  • 2 x ADX51 overhead mics
  • 1 x DVICE rim mount with MC1 mic clip
  • 3 x DCLIP mic clips
  • 2 x WS81C windscreens