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NAMM 2019 | Orange Pedal Baby 100 - a Power Amp for Your Pedals

NAMM 2019 | Orange Pedal Baby 100 Power Amp
NAMM 2019 | Orange Pedal Baby 100 Power Amp

NAMM 2019 | Orange Pedal Baby 100 - a Power Amp for Your Pedals

The Orange Pedal Baby 100 is a Class A/B 100-watt power amp for your pedalboard. Create the ultimate fly-rig in 2019.

Orange Pedal Baby 100

With touring musicians in mind, the Orange Pedal Baby 100 offers 100 watts of neutral but flattering sound for guitarists using pedal boards, modellers, or digital processors. With its durable, lightweight and compact design, the Pedal Baby is the perfect grab-and-go solution for musicians travelling between venues with an unknown backline.

Simply grab your tone-generating rig along with the Pedal Baby, and you'll be ready to plug into almost any guitar cab and speaker to get gig-ready sound in an instant. Whether you use it as your main portable rig, or as a pro-quality backup, the Pedal Baby is the new guitar-friendly power amp that solves a problem for many musicians.

Clean sound, realistic response

Orange Pedal Baby 100

The Pedal Baby creates a sound that is (in Orange's words), "a bit cleaner than the clean channel of a guitar amp". While typical Class D amps are chosen for efficient amplification, the Pedal Baby's Class A/B power section has been specially designed for its "feel". The result is an amp with the dynamics, punch, and natural sound that guitarists need to create a great-sounding rig. The 100W Pedal Baby can drive 100W into 8 Ohms speakers or 70W into 16 Ohms speakers; perfect for a wide range of guitar cabs.

Class A

With a single-ended, Class A front-end, the Pedal Baby is designed to replicate the way a valve amp colours your tone. The EQ controls are voiced to be more neutral than standard guitar amplifiers, meaning players can better tune the amp to a variety of cabinets.

Compact, Lightweight Power

Orange Pedal Baby 100

Weighing only 3KG, the Pedal Baby is the perfect grab-and-go amp for fly dates or any guitarist travelling light. As Orange says, "Downsize your rig, not your tone."

"If you’re looking at flying into a festival, backline companies will often have Marshall or Orange amps. Around 80% of them will be 16 Ohms, so with the Pedal Baby, you can turn up with it and some pedals, a guitar, and you can place this on top of the cabs already on stage and have at least 70 Watts out of it clean – so you can easily do a gig with this.

If you have all your sounds dialed in on your pedal board geared up for flying rigs then is is perfect for that too. You can use this in any gigging situation, anything from small clubs to festivals. The front end is Class A and the power amp is Class AB so it’s got a good quality, natural sound and it represents accurately what you put into it."

Ade Emsley - Technical Director

Orange Pedal Baby 100

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 10 Jan 2019 16:32 to category : Instruments News

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