DISC Behringer B2030P Truth Studio Monitors (Pair)

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  • Behringer B2030P Truth Studio Monitors (Pair)

DISC Behringer B2030P Truth Studio Monitors (Pair)


High-Resolution, Ultra-Linear Reference Studio Monitor (pair)

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The TRUTH B2030P is a high-performance passive 2-way studio monitor. Like all members of our TRUTH family, the B2030P includes the same remarkable features through and through. Its sound is clear and neutral, and the state-of-the-art woofer and tweeter can handle up to 100 Watts of power. The unique BEHRINGER wave guide and the extremely low-distortion crossover network produce an absolutely linear phase response with excellent sound dispersion and stereo imaging.

An ultra-linear frequency response from 75 Hz to 21 kHz makes the B2030P ideal not only for conventional stereo mixing but also for integration in multi-channel monitoring systems that include a dedicated subwoofer (from conventional 2+1 systems to 7.1 surround systems).

Due to its compact dimensions and magnetic shielding, the TRUTH B2130P can be placed near video monitors, computer displays or digital audio workstations.