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Effects Processors designed for live applications range from reverbs and delays to multi effects units. As a gigging musician or sound engineer you may encounter various venues and locations, each with its own unique acoustic characteristics.

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Effects Processors

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About Signal Processors

Effects processors are widely used in recording studios in post production for recording vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and other instruments. With effects ranging from subtle changes to complete transformation of the sound in a dramatic fashion.

Different effects from reverb, delay, chorus, flange and much more mean there is no end to the different tones and sounds you can create in the studio. At we know that musicians strive to create their own unique sound and techniques. With this in mind we have a vast selection of signal processor effects units from leading manufacturers and well known effects units like the Alesis MicroVerb 4 signal processor, designed to provide a wide variety of great-sounding, easy-to-use effects for studios and engineers alike.

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