Tama Silverstar Custom 18'' 4 Piece Shell Pack, Matte Tamo Ash

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  • All Birch Shells with Tamo Ash Outer Ply
  • Traditional, Regular Toms for a Focused Sound
  • Sound Arc Hoops for Increased Sensitivity and Precision
  • Star-Mount System Increases Resonance of Drums
  • Hardware and Cymbals Not Included

Tama Silverstar Custom 18'' 4 Piece Shell Pack, Matte Tamo Ash


The Tama Silverstar Custom 18'' 4 piece shell pack is ideal for drummers seeking a smaller, compact kit. The 18'' kick delivers a punchy tone perfect for jazz and fusion drumming. 100 percent birch shells enhance the focused sound of this kit, with a Tamo Ash outer ply for stunning visual appeal. The Star-Mount tom mount aids shell resonance. Sound Arc hoops are also fitted to encourage the natural tone of the shells.

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All Birch Shells

Silverstar shells use carefully selected birch materials and the same manufacturing process and methods are are used to build Tama's high-end drums. All of this results in an instrument with the powerful rich tone and resonance that is usually found in more expensive drums.

New Star-Mount System

The new Star-Mount System was created to increase the resonance of the drums, using four minimal contact points suspend the drum whilst not touching the shell and offering the highest tone and resonance.


  • All Birch Shells w/Tamo Ash outer ply (Silverstar)
  • Star-Mount System
  • Sound Arc Hoops
  • Traditional Regular Size Toms
  • Low-Mass Lugs
  • Single Tom Holder
  • Bass Drum Lifter


  • 18x14in Bass Drum
  • 12x8in Rack Tom
  • 14x14in Floor Tom
  • 14x5in Snare Drum
  • MTH900BM Tom Holder
  • Includes bass drum riser