DISC Steinberg MR816CSX AI DSP FireWire Audio Interface

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  • Fully-integrated for use with Steinberg's popular DAW
  • Includes Cubase AI Software
  • Onboard DSP offers latency-free monitoring
  • Flexible, easy routing via the Quick Connect feature

DISC Steinberg MR816CSX AI DSP FireWire Audio Interface


The MR816 CSX fuses a fully-featured FireWire audio interface and inbuilt DSP FX power with next generation integrative technologies into one breathtakingly powerful production environment. Developed in partnership with Steinberg and Yamaha, the MR816 CSX interface combines a unique level of software integration with outstanding sound quality, through Class-A designed 'D-Pre' microphone inputs.

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Advanced Integration production system

These revolutionary units provide complete 100 mirroring of hardware and software functionality. All aspects of I/O handling in the hardware as well as full control of the onboard VST3 DSP are engineered to meld straight into Cubase. When connected to an MR816 CSX interface, Cubase 4 generates additional panels for control of functionality from within the Cubase mixer as well as additional customized editor windows. Easy setup and true plug and play guarantee a lightning-fast setup experience, with automatic I/O setup creating all necessary routing automatically through templates. The benefits are extremely fast and intuitive workflow that handles software and hardware effectively as one system.

Class A preamps and revolutionary Quick Connect

The MR816 CSX features the latest generation of Yamaha's discrete 'D-Pre' Class A analog microphone preamps, combining XLR and TRS analog connectors. These outstanding preamps feature an advanced Inverted Darlington circuit design and electronics components specifically designed to deliver a sumptuously smooth and richly detailed sound. Another unique feature is Quick Connect, which allows instant routing and re-routing of inputs to Cubase channels from the front panel of the I/O with the push of a single button!

DSP Power and True Integrated Monitoring

The Advanced Integration DSP Studio is the hardware centerpiece for a latency-free recording and monitoring solution. Thanks to the new True Integrated Monitoring it's easy to create real-time, unique and most importantly no-latency mixes for several performers with FX directly from within your DAW. But the DSP power is not only available for creating individual mixes for performers. The full DSP capability is also ready to use as a VST3 Plugin within Cubase on any desired audio track. The plug-ins provided are the outstanding Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, which allows extremely fast set up of compression and EQ settings, and the renowned Yamaha REV-X Reverb, offers a choice of hall, room, and plate reverb simulations with reverb time and level control.


MR816 CSX is ideal for recording bands in rehearsal rooms or live gigs with a laptop, or building up a dedicated project studio or recording space. Excellent sound, great stacking options and a smooth, fast workflow are among the top priorities for studios using MR and Cubase as recording and production solution for their business. Connections required for studios like Wordclock, S/PDIF and ADAT® are onboard, with the hardware inserts offering an ideal way of integrating boutique hardware units in the software realm. Eight channel outputs offer full support for surround productions up to 7.1, ideally complemented by Steinberg's fully multi-channel architecture and the Control Room features in both Cubase and Nuendo.

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  • 8 discrete Class A analog 'D-Pre' mic preamps
  • High End AD/DA converters from Yamaha
  • Cubase user interface integration
  • True Integrated Monitoring
  • DSP Power for Cubase
  • Quick Connect
  • Instant Setup
  • Extendable system by daisy-chaining up to 3 units
  • Includes Cubase AI4 - get recording straight out of the box!
  • Supports Apple OS X 10.4/.5, Windows XP and Vista
  • Includes ASIO and CoreAudio drivers as well as additional external software mixer and plug-in editors for using with 3rd party audiosoftware
  • 8 x Input Channels with XLR / TRS combo connectors,
  • HI-Z instrument input for electric guitar or bass
  • 8 x Output Channel with TRS connectors
  • 1 x ADAT digital I/O for digital audio streams or optical S/PDIF
  • 2 x inserts for hardware FX
  • 2 x independent headphone outputs
  • S/PDIF coaxial input and output
  • WordClock I/O for professional sync

    System Requirements

    Windows XP Professional (SP2), XP Home Edition (SP2) or Vista (32-bit), Intel/AMD processor 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, DVD drive required for installation, FireWire port required for connection of MR unit.

    Mac OS X version 10.4 or 10.5x, Power Mac G4 1 GHz or Intel Core Solo 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, DVD drive required for installation, FireWire port required for connection of MR unit.

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